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Built for .Net in Native Mode (not interop ActiveX)  I/O PLC Communications drivers   VB.Net ,,
  Pricing Modbus     Master / Slave serial  communications driver          (developed for .net)
for any device that uses Modbus protocol
Free trail download  with 2008 app (just convert for vb 2010)

Download Modbus Help file  
  Pricing Modbus TCP Ethernet   Master   communications driver  (developed for .net)
for any device that uses Modbus TCP protocol
  Free trail download  with 2008 app

Download ModbusTCP Help file  
  Pricing Allen Bradley  DF1   Master serial communications  driver (developed for .net)
for SLC 5/03 , SLC 5/04, Micrologix  or SLC 5/05 serial port
Free trail download  with 2008 app

Download Allen Bradley Help file  
  Pricing Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 Ethernet  communications  driver 
for SLC 5/05 Ethernet port communications
Free trail download  with 2008 app    
(developed for .net)
  Pricing Allen Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet/IP   CIP native Tag based  (not PCCC)   communications  driver     for ControlLogix 5000 series  (developed for .net)
  Free trail download  with 2010 app
  Pricing Omron CS1 FINS Ethernet   communications  driver     for Omron CS1 series PLCs  (developed for .net)
  Free trail download  with 2010 app,  no install required
No royalties
unlimited usage both as development and runtime.
PLC image sm.gif (5705 bytes) These are simply zipped (compressed)  VB.Net source code applications that have the DLL control in the folder. Just download and start as a  Visual Studio project. No installation required.  No Windows registry entries.

Sample has a simple Read and a Write button to transfer to/from registers in the your PLC. Make changes to the source code as needed for your real world application.

Download is the full version , but has a 2 hour restartable timeout. When purchased we will email the key unlock code.

It doesn't get any easier that this!

 Times out after 2 hours, but is restartable..        Only 366 KB  entire download,  Commxxx dll control + sample app!



For ActiveX communications control Click Here

Windows 7 (32 or 64bit) , XP or Vista compatible


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Download Zip  file then extract. This is a VB.Net project folder that can be loaded in any folder you chose. Either click on .sln to startup in Visual Studio or Start Visual Studio and select the project.  Demos are full working copies that have a 2 hour time out after which can be restarted. If purchased we will email you a unlock key code.

Visual Studio  should be upgraded with to the latest Microsoft Service Pack   - which can be found at


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