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VB/OPC Control is our Windows / Visual Basic solution for your HMI / SCADA industrial control needs. This toolkit package is an integrated collection of OPC ActiveX client controls and OPC servers , templates and functions designed to rapidly get your application up and running. By combining our tools with Microsoft's powerful Windows based Visual Basic or VB.Net , you can quickly transform your concept into a full working User Interface solution. All this at a fraction of the cost of other proprietary control interface programs.

Visual Basic OPC industrial control development toolkit ActiveX controls and servers link your application to the factory floor PLC. VB/ OPC Controls are Visual Basic toolbox objects that can be dragged onto your projects form. Properties are set by filling in the controls properties window. Controls automatically link to the I/O server/driver which scans the PLC data.

Your project can be setup with No or minimal coding!! - No hardware keys required!!

Toolkit templates

I/O OPC Controls - States, buttons, Textbox, Slider, Bargraph, Gauge, OptionButton, CheckBox

- I/O OPC ActiveX control tools for States(input value sets control state-text,color,picture,etc.; Output Push Buttons; Read/write Textbox- display PLC value, edit and write to PLC; Output Slider-send scaled value to PLC; Input Bargraph; Input Gauge; Output OptionButton-write selected option; Output CheckBox - write ON or OFF

Alarming - Active and historical alarms. Fill out form with Tag Name, I/O trigger values, user message. If a point triggers an alarm, a message will be displayed in listbox window. Active alarms are current. Historical are all current and previous alarms.

Data Logging - Log I/O data to hard drive and view in time selectable window. Stored in MS Access database. Can be exported to Excel.

Trending - real time graphs (200-800 throughput/sec) of I/O data

Part setup (recipe) - Link MS Access database forms and send editable data to PLC.

SPC - Statistical Process Control , X-Bar & Range

Maintenance Log - Access database

  OPC PLC communications with I/O scanning and modem support

- Communicate with PLC's and Data acquisition hardware.
-ActiveX OPC servers/drivers instead of DDE servers are used for faster throughput and ease of use.
-Full Modem support
-Built in I/O read / write scanning
-Tag name database as descriptive names

OPC PLC servers or ActiveX drivers for:

  • ModBus master / slave / Ethernet / MB+ / serial
  •      Allen Bradley ( AB )  DH + , DF1 serial / Ethernet for SLC 5/03,4, MicroLogix, PLC5, ControlLogix
  •      AutomationDirect, PLC direct k-seq or ECOM Ethernet
  •     Siemens , Omron , Mitsubishi, GE Fanuc, Honeywell, Toshiba, Idec,
  •        Yaskawa, Yokogawa, Wago, Parlow, Wago, Simatic, Telemecanique, SquareD
  •      over 70 servers to choice from
  • Including  modem links on select serial servers

Example of a process graphic with real time links with PLC data. Windows displaying current process alarms and graph of current data. By setting alarms group, only alarms within user set group are displayed.

Tag Name /Alarm / Log database setup

Interactively setup alarms using our Alarms Builder program. Simple fill in the database form for each alarm point. Either a discrete bit, register bit, register binary value or analog limit may be used. PLC data may also be scaled and logged to disk

Part Setup (recipe)

Build elaborate part setup forms using our templates. Link form fields to Access database with part number as record. Operator can select part number from drop-down combo box. Password protect data edit for authorized personnel only.


Use our SPC template to set up simple X Bar and R charts. Move PLC data into SPC database in standard groupings and let our program do the number crunching. Set alarm rules for various out of limits conditions simply by selecting option boxes. Data will be checked against rules during plot and annunciated if out of bounds.

Creating Control Programs

Simply load in our forms ActiveX  / templates, modify them or build your own all in Visual Basic. Use our PLC servers / drivers to link data with your program by filling in our scan data form with PLC locations, setup our Tagname database form.  Then use the I/O control tool to link your application to real world I/O. All with no or minimal coding.

Visual Basic has become the de facto Windows Basic language standard. Microsoft has standardized on VB as the macro language replacement for all their core software products such as Access database and Excel spreadsheet. Unlike other HMI (MMI) packages which force you to learn their limited proprietary script language, anyone familiar with programming an Excel spreadsheet can also program VB/Control.

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