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OPC servers run as a separate executable file. OPC servers interface with ours and other parties client controls. They use tagnames as references. PLC registers are scanned in the background.

OPC Server I/O Communications  
ArrowB1F3.gif (4190 bytes)Download New Complete ServerPack Communication I/O Controls for OPC  OPC Server I/O Communications
PLC image sm.gif (5705 bytes) Contains all OPC servers. Use with OPC client controls.
Download the server pack, then run the .exe file to install. This includes all OPC servers and help files. Select the desired server(s) when installing. Servers will run for (2) hours before timing out.They can be restarted. 
22 MB



All controls will work with Win/8.1/8/7

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Download / install selected server then download the OPC client controls if desired. Run each setup file to install. Demos are full working copies that have a time out which can be restarted. If purchased we will email you a unlock key code.

VB6  should be upgraded with Microsoft Service Pack SP5  - which can be found at


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