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Visual Studio, Visual Basic .Net   OPC client controls  with OPC  Servers
also VB.Net  native mode  communications drivers

Our Visual Basic VB.Net controls or  OPC server with OPC client controls tools links your application to the factory floor PLC.
              Choose one of two options for your Visual PLC control Application

.Net Native Mode PLC

VB OPC Client Controls

OPC PLC servers
  from Kepware

ActiveX PLC Communications

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Industrial Control Systems Design and Development

 including VB6 to .Net conversions



Option 1-  OPC  solution
Your app with our OPC clients tools + OPC server

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over 70  OPC Servers!! 
  Option 2- Your app + .Net native mode control for  Communications with your PLC  Simplest low cost solution

Trend plot with overlay capability for plotting repeat runs

Buy our OPC Client controls for   Visual Basic.Net with one Kepware OPC server - (over 70 server drivers available!)
(for Pricing Call).

  • OPC client I/O Controls - for easily building a user interface with  VB.NET
  • Push-buttons
  • State display
  • Text I/O display/entry
  • All OPC setup of server connect, adding groups and  tag items is done internally in the control
  • including (1) Kepserver OPC PLC I/O servers for:
  •     ModBus serial, Ethernet, MB Plus
  •     Allen-Bradley , ControlLogix Ethernet/IP, SLC 5/03,4, Micrologix
  •     AutomationDirect   k-seq or Ethernet
  • Siemens

    Or any of over 70+  OPC Servers!! 

Client/server architecture, uses
Tagnames to reference PLC registers.

Setup tagname database in server then the client controls running in your app are used to read/write registers using tagnames selected by drop down lists

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 .Net native mode controls

for the Simplest applications, just buy the easy to use PLC to PC communications controls to link your VB.Net app to the PLC.

.net controls don't need installation, just download the very small zipped project, startup in Visual Studio  and your app is connected to your PLC!

$245. for .net controls

  • PLC I/O controls for:
  •     ModBus master or slave  (.net native mode)
  •     ModBus Ethernet TCP/IP     (.net native mode)
  •     Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP ControlLogix  native tag mode
  •     AB DF1 SLC 5/03,4, Micrologix, PLC5 serial
  •     AB  SLC 5/05 Ethernet
  •     AutomationDirect   k-seq or ECOM Ethernet
  •     Omron FINS Ethernet

  • In-process control (control runs in your application)

Simple commands to read/write from VB to the PLC. ReadPLC("registers",Variable)

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