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 Toshiba Ethernet
   OPC Server

Toshiba Ethernet device driver works in conjunction withour OPC Server KEPServerEX, to provide data exchange between OPC Clients and Toshiba Computer Link protocol compliant PLCs link via Ethernet. KEPServerEX automatically optimizes your data acquisition based on client demand. Data integrity is insured with our extensive error handling.

This driver is part of the Toshiba Communications Suite. Purchasing either the Toshiba Serial, or the Toshiba Ethernet TCP driver entitles you to both drivers.


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Features Include:

  • Supports OPC 1.0 and 2.0 Data Access Specifications
  • Multi-threaded design insures optimum performance.
  • Supports up to 16 concurrent serial port and PC card configurations.
  • Full Time On-line operation allows on the fly changes
  • Build Diagnostic system with protocol display
  • Modem support included on all Serial Port Drivers.
  • CSV file import and export of Server Tags for easy configuration on large projects.
  • Includes OPC 2.0 Automation Interface and comprehensive Visual Basic examples.

Devices Supported:

  • Toshiba Ethernet Computer Link Protocol Compliant
  • Models Supported: T2, T3
  • Memory Types Supported: X, Y,I, O, R, S, Z, L, C., T, XW, YW, IW, OW, SW, LW, C, T, D, F, W, RW
  • All data types are supported
  • Supports accessing D memory as string data with HiLo/LoHi byte ordering




DDE Features Include:

  • AdvancedDDE Supports RSView32 and Cimplicity
  • FastDDE & SuiteLink Support Wonderware FactorySuite 2000
  • CF-TEXT Supports all DDE aware applications
  • NetDDE Supports shared network access to device data

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