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Visual Basic HMI Industrial Control Toolkit

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OPC PLC Communications servers

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OPC  HMI Package

Visual Basic industrial control development toolkit links your application to the factory floor PLC. VB/OPC Controls are Visual Basic toolbox objects that can be dragged and dropped onto your projects form. Properties are set by filling in the controls properties window or by using drop down lists which are filled with the servers tagnames. Controls, such as push buttons, state indicators, gauges and trending  automatically link to the OPC I/O server/driver which scans the PLC data. We have I/O servers for Modbus ( master/slave, Ethernet ), Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 or 5/04, MicroLogix, PLC5 , ControlLogix , (Ethernet / serial), AutomationDirect (PLC direct) k-seq or ECOM Ethernet and over 70 others.

Client/server architecture, uses
Tagnames to reference PLC registers.

Your project can be setup with No or minimal coding!! - No hardware keys required !!

(see OPC Overview)

User Interface (MMI, HMI) Toolkit with PLC comm
  • OPC client I/O Controls - Industry standard OPC interface.  I/O control tools for States (input value sets control state-text, color, picture, etc.; Output Push Buttons; Read/write Textbox- display PLC value, edit and write to PLC; Output Slider-send scaled value to PLC; Input Bargraph; Input Gauge; Output OptionButton-write selected option; Output CheckBox - write ON or OFF. Select tags from drop down list of server tags.
  • Alarming - active and historical alarming display as a list of user supplied messages. Triggered on preset I/O values.
  • Data Logging - log I/O data and view in time selectable window, stored in MS Access database
  • Real Time data Trending - real time graphs (200-800 throughput/sec)
  • Part Database (recipe) - link MS Access database to PLC
  • SPC - Statistical Process Control X Bar and R charts
  • GUI - Graphical user interface, front end for machine / PLC control

  • OPC PLC I/O servers/drivers for:
  •    ModBus master / slave / Ethernet / MB+ / serial
  •      Allen Bradley ( AB )  DH+ , DF1 serial / Ethernet for SLC 5/03,4, Micrologix, PLC5, ControlLogix
  •      AutomationDirect (PLC direct)  k-seq or ECOM Ethernet
  •     Siemens , Omron , Mitsubishi, GE Fanuc, Honeywell, Toshiba, Idec,
  •        Yaskawa, Yokogawa, Wago, Parlow, Wago, Simatic, Telemecanique, SquareD
  •      over 70 servers to choice from
  •       see page  PLC Communications OPC severs-

  • Create web based applications with VB.Net
    From any web browser you can interact with your control application.
  • We also have ActiveX I/O PLC drivers
  • see page  PLC ActiveX Communications OCX's-

    for complete  package with all OPC client controls and one OPC I/O communications server.  See product list and pricing page    *
  • 24/7 Support!

    All clients and servers will work with Win/XP  /NT/ 2000/Vista.
    Use with VB6 or VB.Net ,  Visual

* prices are subject to change without notice

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