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  Modicon Modbus
  OPC Server Suite
  for KEPServerEX
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OPC Server for Modbus RTU PLCs Includes Flow Computer support

OPC Server for Modbus PLUS

OPC Server for Modbus TCP/Modbus OPEN

OPC Server for Modbus RTU Slave (Makes PC look like a PLC)

OPC Server for Modbus ASCII

The Modicon Modbus OPC Server suite packages all of our connectivity options for Modicon Modbus PLCs for one low price. Currently the suite contains the Modbus RTU serial, Modbus RTU Slave serial, Modbus ASCII serial, Modbus Plus SA85, and Modbus Ethernet TCP drivers. After purchasing the license for the Modicon Modbus OPC Server suite, you can use all of the drivers included in the suite on the same PC.

The Modbus RTU serial, Modbus RTU Slave serial, Modbus ASCII serial, Modbus Plus SA85, and Modbus Ethernet TCP drivers still exist as separate drivers in the KEPServerEX Server Super Pack (SSP). When installing the Modicon Modbus Suite be sure to select all Modbus drivers from the driver selection list. When you purchase a license for the Modicon Modbus suite and install the unlock codes, all five drivers will be unlocked for unlimited use.

Special Note: For users of any driver found in the Modicon Modbus OPC Server Suite, any valid license you have for a driver in the Modbus Suite will enable you to use any of these drivers. Simply download the latest KEPServerEX SSP and install all five drivers.

New Feature:
The Modbus RTU Serial, Modbus Ethernet, and Modbus Plus drivers now support direct integration with Modicon's Concept and ProWORX programming tools. Using the Automatic Tag Database function of KEPServerEX, these drivers can directly import tag information from either programing package. This greatly reduces the amount of work needed to implement your OPC application and makes using OPC data plug and play.


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